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Here is a video clip of the Week 10 highlights I edited together from the live stream footage. I shared this video on their Facebook and Google+ pages, Instagram, and Twitter.

Project goals were to assess the football program of Cabrillo College network speed, both connected and wireless within their press box. Make the necessary improvements so that the ability to begin live streaming home games on YouTube was capable. Then rebranded and revamped a whole new social media presence on their Facebook & Google+ Pages, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Launched a whole new video show exclusively on their Facebook page and exported the audio track to begin the stages of podcasting on multiple platforms. This is still a work in progress due to work being completed in stages per the athletics department allocated budget for the football program. This project will most likely bleed over eventually all of the other sports within the department that the school offers to its student athletes.

Project Description

GOALS: For the Cabrillo College Football program, completely redesign the web pages, revamp & create new and fresh content for social media, live stream home games, live tweet games as available, create video show for Facebook page, create podcast for multiple podcast platforms.

Project Details
  • Client: Cabrillo College Athletics
  • Skill: branding, web site design, marketing, video streaming, video editing, audio recording, podcasting, social media, content creation
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