About Us


Our Approach

Thurow Media, LLC., located in the 10th largest city in the U.S. and Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose, was born out of need to centralize a business portfolio that had developed.  For the growth of social media, business marketing and networking has changed tremendously.  Thurow Media emphasizes the strength of these mediums, and seeks to optimize brand awareness.

However, when you’ve the growth in YouTube creators and Podcasters alike, one may still be reluctant on capitalizing and/or trusting an online based platform to promote a brand,  This is why Thurow Media was developed and can create the necessary confidence to bring out the needed creative talent that is within oneself.

Through many years of trial and error, we have have learned the tricks of the social media world.   We utilize it everyday. Through the creation of YouTube based show focused on the creation of the cocktail and spirit review craft, via Simply Made Cocktails  We also produce a podcast show that is available via many podcast platforms called Inside the Nation which supports our online sports media outlet 9th Man Nation.

Are you looking to gain exposure through online media?   We definitely can assist you in that department.  Please contact us for any further inquiries.

Meet the Owner

Eric Thurow
Founder & Owner

Owner & operator of Thurow Media, LLC., a business designed to both to show and educate entreprenurs how video and audio production, along with social media is being done. Eric Thurow has been creating audio podcasts, video content and interacting in social media projects for over eleven years, creating his first social media account in 2005.

Eric continues to educate himself by completing multiple certifications as a YouTube Creator with his Cocktail and Spirits review channel, and his sports media outlet.  Through his show Simply Made Cocktails, Eric is currently in the process of gaining multiple certifications in the spirits industry, as well as being a Social Brand Ambassador for a well established bourbon company, Maker’s Mark.  Specializing in networking and reaching out to the necessary clientele, Eric’s learned many skills in both audio & video production, internet marketing, search engine optimization and a bit of photography.  In today’s quick information and accessibility, one needs to be a jack of all trades!  You can follow Eric on his own web site and vlog documenting of his current lifestyle change at Simply Eric Vlogs.